Monday, October 30, 2006

Ummah Films!

Have you peeps since this Muslim brotha's videos? Hilarious is an understatement of what his videos are like. He's all over You Tube right now. should check him out. Apparently he has 10 episodes out there. I've only seen 2 and that's only because I haven't clicked on the others yet. Check him out...

Clip #1

Tips to Finding your spouse online:

Distractions during Salaat:
(In this video, watch out for the "head-to-butt collision"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Man is this site soo f-ing awesome! I typed in my address, clicked on hybrid/Satellite and i can actually see my house. ofcourse they were pointing at the wrong direction but i can see my house! and my car in the driveway. it is sooo coool!!!

ok i knew of it earlier but its really fun finding these things while drugged!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Doctor, Doctor, Where is my diagnosis?

Thursday morning, I woke up to feeling emptiness in my stomach as if I was hungry for a couple of weeks, sore throat and weak. Initially I thought it was a light fever and just by eating something it would be okay. The day continued like any other day and all of a sudden my stomach area was cringing up. Flashback to when I was 8 yrs old: On my way back to Dhaka from Rangpur, I felt the same pain. Couldn’t move from the bed and was in seriously excruciating pain, so much so, it could have been equivalent to labor pains. But this time it wasn't as excruciating. However, for some reason, it reminded me of that time. I didn't think much of it afterwards and had a glass of milk...The pain was gone.

The night came along, it was 3:30am, I woke up to tasting bitterness in my mouth and moments later I'm vomiting the world out; this continues to 6 in the morning. Finally, I do the home remedy my grandmother taught me...putting a cold and wet towel over stomach which gives instant relief. It did and I finally slept... I wake up to see my mother looking very concerned. I now have rashes all over my new tomato-red face and my dark brown eye-color has turned grayish...Freaky? You have no idea.

My mom thinks it’s ER worthy...I think she's overreacting...little to say, I myself was freaking out. She finally convinces me that I need to at least see a doctor...Fine 3:45pm on Friday was my appointment. Of course the doctor didn't see me until it was 4:30 or maybe it was 4:45..cant remember...she comes in, asks me a few questions and then tells me, "I think its a stomach virus...but to be honest...I'm not really sure...I need to do some blood work and I want you to come back on Monday so I can see the results and tell u what it is." Of course, my naive self is asking for medications...You know how it is, you go to a doctor when sick, u get yourself checked out and then sent home with prescriptions for cure. Whereas, I went to the doctor, came out not knowing what I have, and with no prescriptions for cure...What do I do? She then tells me that if I felt any worse, I should check myself into the ER. OK...If that was the case...why did I waste my time here? I could have just gone straight to the ER, HEARD my mother, who manages to ALWAYS BE RIGHT......

So it’s Saturday night, bored out of my mind, blogging about my health and feeling worse because I can’t laugh, cough or move much because it hurts the ribcage. What to do? Do I just stop being a baby and admit myself to the ER or just wait till MONDAY? Qu'est ce que je dois faire?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mr. President, Can you memorize a sentence?

Earlier today, I was watching the Presidential Speech on Iraq and was amazed and well slightly embarrassed to see him be the president of this so-called Land of the Free. What really amazed me was that he couldn't really say one word forget a sentence without looking at his cheat sheet. Not a SINGLE WORD!!!! All this while, I never really paid attention at the way he conducted his speech because honestly, I really didn't care for him and just listening to him was sheer entertainment. But this was far superior! One thing that really alarmed me was the way he smirked every single time he mentioned the following words..."Terrorists", and "dead Iraqis". Seriously, is this some freakin' joke that I'm unaware of? Since when did they make u the messiah of good deeds? And what was worse was that during Q&A he couldn't answer a single question with anything concrete. Is this the type of President that Americans should be proud of? I mean what really good has he done? How is his administration any different from lets say a terrorist group? You're going to a country where first of all you're not welcome and then you're trying to take over and say you're helping them by doing what...killing more of not only Iraqis but also your own civilians. This is not a game where you're out to win? Win What? I would say its more like taking control of Iraqi oil more like it so you can also get a piece of that money that most Arabs flaunt. oh well...I guess we have to wait 2 more years to see what else is going to happen to this country...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Im Back!

Hi Guys and Gals!

Sorry for keeping away from you for such a long time. Besides the fact that I've been travelling the past few months, I come home to find that Blogger has successfully erased my blog. I've numerously emailed them to bring my blog back more so for your intelligent remarks and accolades rather than what I wrote in itself.

I guess this is one of those instances when your professor keeps on telling u to SAVE YOUR WORK and you just keep on going because u think the world wont collapse on you and once it does...your out to screw the world! Ok maybe my case isn't soo severe but even then...I WANT MY BLOG BACK!

Needless to say, a couple of days ago I came into terms with the fact that i wont get it back and that it was time for me to start a fresh. So I surfed the web to find my old blog template and guess what...THAT WAS GONE TOO!!!! WHAT THE HELL? Is this a conspiracy out to get me!?! I refuse to be like everyone else and just stick with this black background. No offense to others...Really!!

So until I find THE TEMPLATE for my blog, hope you enjoy my return and i will try to recover as much as i can.

With lots of love

The Dazzlingsitar!