Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Bangkok 2012

The family reuniting after a long time! 
A serious illness always brings an entire family together no matter how many outbursts, quarrels etc...have happened. My uncle, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, mentioned in my previous post, has brought the entire family together in Bangkok. And although the main purpose of the trip was to see him and spend some time with him, I couldn't help myself from abusing the amenities that were at the hotel I was staying at. Swimming for an hour and a half, moving on to the steam room and then finishing off with sauna was my daily early morning routine while the sun rose over Bangkok! Not a soul but birds chirping away were with me while I swam. Living in Dhaka really make you cherish serenity, peace and merely just being alone. This routine made me famished and off I was to relish fresh salads, croissants, coffee and all the spreads the hotel breakfast had to offer. 

Checking in to the Hotel at
Imperial Queens Park Hotel
Checking in to the Hotel at
Imperial Queens Park Hotel

Me at Lumphini Park,
right next to our hotel

Every  morning I was off to stroll around Lumphini Park, which is located right next to my hotel and where I met up some of the gang. Then we'd be off  to hit the numerous stores at where we met up with my uncle and family so that later on we could have lunch together and believe it or not, you can bargain every damn thing in Bangkok!

Mothers and daughters showing off at
Lumphini Park

Shopping at Terminal 21!!!

Must see shops in Bangkok are The Emporium, Terminal 21, Siam Paragon and none other than good ol' MBK! I couldn't resist some shoes, bags and clothes shopping! I'm a woman after all so sue me! Not for my shoes and bags though! 

The highlight of my trip was when I took a day trip to Ayuthaya City and the Bang Pa-In Palace. Gorgeous! Thais say that both good and bad spirits live everywhere. In my pics, look at the tree trunks in how they grow. Ain't it cool? 
Bang Pa-In Palace

Ayuthaya City 

Anyways I really don't have much to say because I feel my pictures say it all..Enjoy!

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