Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Im Back!

Hi Guys and Gals!

Sorry for keeping away from you for such a long time. Besides the fact that I've been travelling the past few months, I come home to find that Blogger has successfully erased my blog. I've numerously emailed them to bring my blog back more so for your intelligent remarks and accolades rather than what I wrote in itself.

I guess this is one of those instances when your professor keeps on telling u to SAVE YOUR WORK and you just keep on going because u think the world wont collapse on you and once it does...your out to screw the world! Ok maybe my case isn't soo severe but even then...I WANT MY BLOG BACK!

Needless to say, a couple of days ago I came into terms with the fact that i wont get it back and that it was time for me to start a fresh. So I surfed the web to find my old blog template and guess what...THAT WAS GONE TOO!!!! WHAT THE HELL? Is this a conspiracy out to get me!?! I refuse to be like everyone else and just stick with this black background. No offense to others...Really!!

So until I find THE TEMPLATE for my blog, hope you enjoy my return and i will try to recover as much as i can.

With lots of love

The Dazzlingsitar!

1 comment:

Shirin said...

welcome back darling..just get better soon!! we missed you :)

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