Wednesday, December 06, 2006

RSVP Ettiquette

When a person invites you and asks you to R.S.V.P, what do you do? Like Normal people, you tell the host(ess) that either you can make it or you can't in a timely fashion. But recently, I have been noticing a new trend of RSVP'ing...

When You Don't RSVP at all:
(1) Show up anyway
(2) Don't bother about the invite or the host(ess) and disregard the act of making a courtesy call to let the host(ess) know what your plans are
(3) Don't RSVP but tell others that you are going and not the host(ess).
(4) Check the Evite everyday for updates and still not respond...Note to lurkers: we can see you checking the shows up when u "last viewed" it
(5) Disregard Multiple invites completely and when one does not invite you for one party, have the audacity to charge host(ess) for not inviting you.

When You Do RSVP:
(1) you say yes, and you don't show up last minute(i.e. day of or 2 hrs before party) because you just remembered that you had a million other things to do
(2) you say no, and show up, and you are the one with the dietary restrictions (i.e. allergies or just plain difficult)
(3) make a fuss with maybes

Now I will admit that I have committed crime #3 of when you do R.S.V.P. and have been a victim of all the above. My rule is I always rsvp immediately! Whether if I can make it or not, I make it a point to tell my host(ess) whether if I will be able to make it or not, not only because I know how it feels to not know how many people to cook for but plainly because it's just rude, rude, rude!!!!
When I'm not sure whether if I can make it or not, I ALWAYS call the day before of the party or for any other reasons warn my host(ess) that I will be running late. Now I'm the type of person who likes to plan ahead of time. So to me it's not rocket science to look into my mini-planner (aka Google Calendar) and figure out if I am free or not. I usually know the 3 days in advance if I would be able to attend or not because I plan just makes life much easier. Neurotic? OCD? Maybe but at least I don’t seem or am inconsiderate of others feelings. For those who commit the crimes of RSVP-ing listed above, I highly suggest you correct your ways because it’s really annoying and creates added tension that is not necessary. It doesn’t take long to say, “Hey I don’t think I can make it” or “yes I’m in what should I bring?”

Note to Readers: This blog has been inspired from an article I was reading and well the irresponsibility of my guests who have been invited to a recent bash. Please don't get offended if any of you do this...I'm only sharing my frustrations as a hostess that loves all her company!


Anonymous said...

I so agree with what you said. I am having a house concert and about 1/2 of those I invited have responded, but the other 1/2 have not. It is really rude, for it takes 1 small minute to call. Guess I' m not alone!

Dazzlingsitar said...

My dearest anonymous friend! I share your pain and you cant even begin to imagine how many ppl are with us. So many people hit my blog thanks to this blogpost of mine. If only some people would just understand our woes! Hope you had an amazing gathering despite some of your "friends'" incompetences... It's the love for the friendship in us that forgive them for such qualities! Don't worry, etiquette will prevail one day!

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