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Om Shanti Om vs Saawariya

The Battle is finally over.... They were both scheduled to release on the same day November 9th and they did...but which one is better? Or shall I say, which one is WORSE....

Before I THOROUGHLY trash both the movies, let's go back a little from day one- the start of the hype.

How a person decides to watch a Hindi movie at the theaters vs at home on DVD or worse on regular cable.

1. The Promos... You eagerly wait for your favorite show to come on air and just as it is about to start, you see the promo of a lifetime. Your favorite actor or a a new hottie or your fave director's movie is releasing soon with something like....BOOM BOOM...GUESS WHO IS BACK IN TOWN...BOOM BOOM...YES HE'S BACK WITH A VENGEANCE BOOM BOOM...and you get all excited to see who's back...its your star and there starts the promo and as soon as it ends you call your friend and say we have to watch this movie.... That's how it started with Om Shanti Om and Saawariya....look at the promos...tell me the moment you saw it you weren't dying to see the movie....or at least I was...

Om Shanti Om


2. Actors/Actresses...You looked at the promos and then you see the actor/actresses line-up. Credibility/likability vs the no name. In OSO, you have king khan, new hottie Deepika, Arjun Rampal and Shreyas Talpade...Great actors OK maybe not as much for Deepika since it's her first film and all and well Arjun either...most girls will kill me but Arjun is just good to look at and hear his voice...beyond that, there hasn't been a single role of his that I would say is fantastic...Actually, if you really want my opinion, I think Shahrukh Khan is an equally bad actor...I know actors tend to follow a certain style. in which his is how do I badly imitate Amitabh Bachchan now which always backfires and makes me look like a jackass. I'm sorry mister so-called King Khan...Big B is a class of his own and he has more talent in his pinkie than u have in your entire body and some....To me it's sad that I'd rather see newcomers like Ranbir and Sonam Kapoors than see you. Speaking of the new stars of Saawariya, of course they are going to attract people...they are offsprings of FABULOUS actors...Ranbir Kapoor, son of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor... No they are all not related. This movie has 2 credible actors too--Rani Mukherjee and my lover boy Salman Khan...(no I'm not biased here) So both movies have quite the heavy duty star cast but which did better?

3. Story/Music... Although i will say that story isn't that important at times because there have been plenty of times that I have completely stupid movies just because of the star cast but nowadays, both story and music do play a huge role. If you look at the promos both the movies seem interesting...I personally liked Saawariya as a story more because it had the chance to show something new whereas you kind of figure out that OSO is just a spoof and that there would be no story and just pure laughter...little do u know what is in store for you....Music of course tremendously important, but usually there is always one song in the movie that you didn't hear earlier will get stuck in your mind once you come out of the movie.

4. Director...Last but not the least the director....sometimes there are some fluke directors who have their one hit wonders or a bad past story seems interesting enough to spend the time, energy and money on but besides that who has the money to waste on useless directors...so you look at the credibility of the directors here...Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Farah Khan...SLB has fantastic record of Black, Khamoshi, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. I'm not mentioning Devdas because I didn't really like his opulent version of the original story. Farah Khan being an amazing choreographer for the longest time and also super duper hit director of Main Hoon Naa...so here the expectations are high.....

so based on these credentials, how did the movies fare/fair?

Both films were quite disappointing..and here is why...


1) SRK you can't act and your hyped up 6-pack abs instead of turning me on, churned my stomach and made my chanachur not settle well in my stomach.

2) There was absolute no story...yes I was aware that there would be no story, I got it from Main Hoon Naa and I did read the directions prior to watching this movie but even then, throughout the movie I kept on waiting for something funnier and by that time the movie ended...where is the masala that everyone was talking about...Khalid Mohammed, you owe me 20 bucks. I mean even in Main Hoon Naa there were some amazingly funny moments and made the movie worthwhile...this movie had nothing....

3) When I initially started writing this post (when the movies came out) I was somewhat disappointed with the music. Though the songs Ajab Si and Main Agar Kahoon really clicked with me. These two songs truly touches one's heart. At first, Deewangi Deewangi didn't really make much of an impression on me but now that it has grown on me the song really makes you want to dance with all the 31+ stars. The visual of SRK's so called body and Dard-E-Disco just doesn't do it for me...even then and now! I'm sure all you SRK lovers are going to coming knocking on my door waiting to pound me but seriously!?! Forget Salman Khan because everyone knows I'm biased towards him, look at even Saif Ali Khan or even lanky Kunal Kapoor... even though either of them aren't all muscularly chiseled, both look quite YUMMY!

4) Besides Shreyas Talpade who I truly think stole the show, everyone's acting wasn't upto the par or hype if you may call it. Kirron Kher had her moments and well Arjun Rampal was again lost in the crowd. It's funny how Deepika, the new stunning beauty of Tinseltown, would thank Farah and Srk for giving her a break etc....what break? did she even have much of a role?? It was yet again all about SRK!

5) Farah! Farah! Farah! What were you thinking? Ok, no I give it to you the concept was fun...but really?There are soo many other movies that attempted this and did a better job.I seriously don't know what to tell you! I'm just dumbfounded as to WHY?!?!....Before I say anything I will regret, I'll just move on.

Ok Ok Ok!! I get it will stop the bashing...well for this movie...Yes every movie has its moments and good points. And here they are!

1. Thank you for introducing Deepika Padukone to us! She is a stunner!
2. Music...Vishal-Shekhar...love love love Ajab Si
3. The Special Appearances by various actors and actresses....Abhishek ROCKED!

Ok I can't think of anymore...so let me move on to SAAWARIYA...

no I mean... Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaariyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Richa Sharma, you can sing it as long and loud as you want, it just won't change the fate of the film!

Ok Relatively if i were to compare the two movies, i definitely liked Saawariya more because it was different. Those of you who read the original story, White Nights by Fyodor Dostoevsky should know that the book is a depressing book. So those who walked in thinking it's going to be a hungama masaledar movie then, I have nothing to say.

Many ppl were asking where is this place located, which is weird because in the beginning of the movie, if ppl carefully listened, clearly Rani had mentioned that the place is in her imagination. Ok I will stop validating for this movie because everyone has a right to their own opinion. Just like i hated OSO, ppl are allowed to hate Saawariya...

But here is my take on the Film....

The PROS...

1. First and foremost everyone must agree that the music of this film is quote-on-quote "MIND BLOWING". Every number truly hits another level of good notes. Whether if it's Saawariya's title track or Jab Se Tere Naina or even Thode Badmaash. Every song brings out the listener's emotions. Shail, Shaan and Shreya (huh, I never realized the singers' names all start with the same letter as the movie oh and the director! Coincidence?)

2. Of course Salman and Rani were the best in the film, even though their roles were small.

3. I actually liked the story as it was slightly different from your regular masaledar films.

4. The cinematography was interesting...something different and it does seem to fit the context however it may have been over done at times.

The Cons

1. The biggest con of the film is it's script. I truly believe that had it been a better script, this movie would have done much better at the box office.

2. The newcomers' acting. Clearly this movie shows that these two newborn stars are newcomers and have a long long long way to go. Even though Sonam Kapoor is more bearable, Ranbir looked more like a comical clown than a "happy-go-lucky" kinda guy who is pining away for a girl who has no clue about him. You can look and be playful and not look like a dork which Ranbir managed to do.

3. The sound quality of the movie was bad as if it was done in the backseat of a car, unless if it was just my version, however when the songs played it sounded great! so who knows. It definitely affected my movie experience.

The final verdict on the movies? OSO was a sure super duper flop whereas Saawariya although was a better film, it didn't really leave much of an impression... Didn't meet up to the hyped expectations...
Both movies get a half a star. ok i will give Saawariya one more star.

Let's Hope and PRAY Taaren Zameen Par fairs well and regains faith in Indian cinema.

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