Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Move

It's been almost over 2 years that I have been telling my friends that I will be moving to UAE at the end of year. But of course due to certain circumstances, I've have had to postpone my move and it's come to a point that I've changed my moving dates soo many times that it's almost become a joke. But now that it is official that I am moving in September, I've been going through soo many mixed emotions that I don't know what to even say. Of course, I am excited to the T that I'm going back home and going to be amongst all my childhood friends. I can't wait to relive my old lifestyle which is going to be heightened because i will be earning now and well will have far more liberties than I did then. Will no longer have to sneak to the mall when our parents were off to the Dubai which at most had a few clothing stores and an arcade store...haha....we were such innocent little goons. if only we had mobile phones then.

But as I write this post, I figured I should tribute this one to all the things I'm going to miss about New York.
(1) The friends, of course....after living here for a good 14 years, I've developed some great friendships that i will cherish till the end.
(2) Random singing hangout sessions till the wee hours of the morning. Although, I'm sure a few of my UAE friends are musically talented, but I'm truly going to miss the jamming sessions with actual musicians who are quite well known in the scene and not only that but who are really passionate about their music. What can I's just a different feeling all together..
(3) High-Speed I even need to explain this further??? lol actually...its not just high speed Internet. I would also include the ability to visit any site i want. Last time i was there, they freakin' blocked something as random as Naseeb. Like what's soo inappropriate about that site, besides it being where all a bunch a hypocrites mingle-the so-called religious freaks but have affairs behind their spouses' backs.....
(4) MY HOUSE.....(MY HOUSE IS A VERY VERY FINE HOUSE..) I'm not going to say much because my house deserves a post in itself and I don't want to start pouring out tears...Not ready yet...
(5) Being able to get everywhere by the subway, especially when there is too much traffic.
(6) The quintessential New Yorkers that are only found in New York. I swear there is that eccentric breed that can't be found anywhere....not even in another US State....

There are soo many other things I'm going to miss about New York but right now, for some reason, I can't continue. I'm not really choking up....just the fact about thinking about the move is making me all overwhelmed.....(the packing...the change....u know....dream coming to reality...the whole shebang) here's to a new life ahead filled with new challenges and excitement.

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