Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Jihad for Love by Parvez Sharma

Earlier Today, I received an email about a movie screening in DC. Initially, I disregarded it because it was showing in dc and I live in NY. but in the back of my mind, I felt like I had heard something about this movie and well the title was interesting so I clicked on the email anyway instead of sending it straight to the trash.

Intrigue was the first thing on my mind. Finally someone who has the courage to produce a film about homosexuality and Islam. Islam teaches us that all are equals and we are all brothers and sisters. So then why do we disregard homosexuals? Just because I am straight shouldn't mean that I'm a better person and that I deserve more respect. All should be equal. And besides shouldn't religion be to one its own?

I really have much more to say but if I decide to perfectly articulate myself and then post this post then it's just going to take forever!!! So as I get my words together, please check out the trailer and an interview with the director. And let's start a dialogue about how we can bring justice to all and actually mean it.

A Jihad For Love Trailer

Interview with the Director

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