Sunday, March 14, 2010

Youth Reality Hits Indian Television!

Finally! After years and years of terrible soap operas with unnecessary scheming specifically between the in-laws and their Bahus or between the mistresses and the filthy rich manwhores' families (I say manwhore with all the love I have for weak men to fall into temptation), Yash Raj has finally smelt the new coffee and brought us two new brilliant shows called Mahi Way and Over the years, Yash Raj has repeatedly given us films that epitomize on the notion of love can happen between anyone, anywhere at anytime, so it was only time that they poured their beliefs on to television. One fine day, I decided to spend time with my parents who without any failure sit in front of the TV everyday to watch their Indian Soap Operas. Ok I will admit that I did watch my share of Indian soaps but after a while, I realized that life was too short to watch these saas-bahu fights to which I couldn't relate to. And well more particularly refused to believe that real people were like that.
So why are these two shows brilliant? Apart from the fact that it doesn't include any of the melodrama, These shows connect with their target audience on a personal level and most importantly are REALISTIC! Ok..I admit, I am their target audience. I don't have a saas and I surely don't have
a bahu! The best part of the shows is that they show us how we can become a future bahu in the process to knowing and becoming a saas! Sort of...

So about the shows...

Mahi Way connects because here's an oversized girl who can't find the man of her dreams due to the bubble around her (no pun intended). Mahi's mother is worried that at age 25, with all her cushioning, she will not get married and so is
being forced to meet guys and accept their marriage proposal regardless of their shortcomings. After a huge outburst, she manages to make a deal with her mother that she can find the man of her dreams who will look beyond her chub, love and marry her for who she is. Granted a good portion of the show revolves around Mahi being overweight, it's actually more about one's insecurities getting in the way of their own dreams thanks to what the society wants us humans to be. We have a tendency to easily say than do. But when it comes down to it, when we just can't deal with our problems anymore, we blame it on someone and/or God for our shortcomings, that is if and when we see it as shortcomings. Why isn't one accepted for who they are as a person as opposed to what they look in the outside...Where is the beauty is skin deep saying hiding? Will Mahi find happiness like the rest of world? Let's watch and find out...

While Mahi is soul searching, we have another show on Sony that help the likes of Mahi find their soul-mate called It's a show about a matchmaking bureau run by the hip and trendy generation Y as opposed to your 60-year old auntie-jee. Marriages are harder to work these days as the word compromise is almost falling off the dictionary when dealing with the institution called marriage.
There are more divorces today than their ever were. We live in a world where we don't have room or patience to stay married to a person who leaves the toilet seat up. Think about it? Ever thought of shooting your spouse at night when they are snoring away and you can't sleep because of the sound so you decide to go to the loo and then fall in your bowl because you expect a seat there? Shit happens... But beyond all that, these kids find the "right" qualities and get couples together. It's a show for cynics like me to believe that there is still hope out there in finding your one!!

With a comedic twist, these two shows mix in some reality for those who need a break from the exceeding make up, jewelry, vindictiveness and melodrama. Let's hope the saases and bahus of B-Telly town let them stay to provide entertainment to those normal ppl like us!

Check your local listings to find out when these shows air and Enjoy!

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