Sunday, January 28, 2007

YouTube & Bollywood Phenomena!

Recently, I discovered that you can now watch Hindi movies, yes the 3+ hour long movies, online on I knew that you could watch movies by downloading them from various sites that require you to download bit torrents, or whatever the lingo is, and etc...Just didn't know you could just watch it as streaming video online without downloading anything and the best part of it being ABSOLUTELY FREE!! With this new discovery, my day to day online experience has just reached a new high. Now not only am I surfing the web for getting my daily dosage of news, connecting with old and new friends, and listening to music, but for watching movies that I didn't get a chance to see at the movie theaters, or didn't care to waste 11 bucks on bollywood melodrama. All I can say is, "SWEEEEEEEEEET!!"

Recently I went to see Salaam-E-Ishq at the movie theater, and let's just say it was a total crap movie--a waste of my 5 hrs (of course minus the bits where I got to see Salman Khan). Out of sheer curiosity, the next day of watching the movie, I checked to see if it was posted online already and I could not believe my eyes that YES IT WAS ALREADY POSTED! I tried to console myself by saying that it was for a SK movie but even then I wasn't satisfied. I just could not get over the fact that it was already online. Granted it was the bootleg camera print version and considering the fact that the movie was soo bad I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have mind. Oh well! I guess just have to get over it and from now on I will just leave it all up to youtube users to post the movies for me.

The thing I wonder about this though is that how does this affect the industry trying to get rid of piracy, illegal distribution and so forth. I see youtube being the next napster and that soon they will be charged for it. Good thing Jawed Karim sold the damn sucker and made enough money before getting charged for anything. However if they do charge for infringement, who do they charge? Google or the user?hmmm...something to think about.

PS. this blog was written at 2am so bare with the incoherence of post. Who knows, I may decide to Edit it later...

Comments from Facebook
Junaid (Stanford) wrote
at 3:13am on February 20th, 2007
hey hey, i thought salam-e-ishq was pretty entertaining and amusing to watch. come on, don't tell me you walk into hindi movies with the mindset of getting the meaning of life (or in this case, love) out of it.

anyway, i should probably confess that i have found my love(s), and am now narrowing down the choices based on who is the better soulmate: youtube, facebook, and wikipedia. ki mon'e hoe?

Dazzlingsitar wrote
at 3:17am on February 20th, 2007
why be monogamous when you can share the love!?! Sharing is caring! and as for salaam-e-ishq...i personally didnt think it was the best but it wasnt the worst it was just bearable i guess.. like i thought some stories could be cut off particularly the married yet virgins story..dude it was a 4 hr long movie!!!! ofcourse i know b-movies have no meaning to life but even then....

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