Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sorry Blog Readers

Hi All!

Sorry for not being able to blog for a long while. Many of you have emailed me asking me what has been keeping me from blogging. Considering the fact that my family and I have found a second home at the hospital, something else had come up. My mother had fallen on black ice and had fractured her hip badly in 2 places. She got surgery done the next day and got 2 metal plates and 6 screws in her hip. So excruciatingly painful spasms, uncooperative pain killers therefore throwing up and etc, have kept me from coming online period. Basically was living there and taking 3 minute power naps so probably in the entire week i may have slept for 5 hours max.

Luckily my mother is slightly doing better and finally moved her to the rehab facility relatively close to our house. she should be back home in another week or so.

I would like to personally thank all the people who have kept us and continue to keep us in their prayers and have also helped us during these tough times. You all have a special place in my heart!

Thank you!

With lots of love and Be Safe this winter!

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