Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Subway Violation!

NYC Subways are one of the few places that allow you to truly meet the most interesting people ever, and if you want to be politically incorrect, you'd call them "buncha crazies". Normally, the loud speakers who like to talk to themselves, or the one guy who pretends to the be the computerized voice that announces the station stop, or even the ones who talk to random people about Jesus don't bother me, however, I've never felt soo violated in my life as I was today.

On my way home from work, I managed to barely catch my train (the Path Train) and sat down 2 seats away from a lady who seemed to be normal at the time, she was well dressed and well groomed. Minding my own business, suddenly this woman screams, "Beautiful...Good Lord Jesus, just beautiful. Can you believe this Jesus? It's just beautiful. All these beautiful people acting like they own the world, just beautiful."

So I continued to ignore and mind my own business thinking nothing, probably just harmless. All of a sudden I feel a hand on my elbow, "hey beautiful, are you ok? Are you happy that everyone looks soo beautiful?" I look at her and tell her yeah? And she turns away and says "Lord Have Mercy, Can you believe this?" Still behaving cluelessly I stare at the floor. Still waiting for the Path Train to start; she grabs my elbow again for a quick 5 seconds and starts singing. So now I'm slightly freaked but keeping my calm. A lady walks in the train and here I am praying that she sits next to me, basically in between me and the weird lady. She sits down and then feels her up and immediate she moves. Now I'm still sitting there proving a point that they don't freak me out and well let’s just say I was really uncomfortable. 3 seconds later, I get felt up again and yet this time I tell the woman, do not touch me! She moves her hand and starts singing. I look at the gentleman who is sitting across from me and he starts looking at her and gives a smirk. This time I thought that she would stop but as my luck had it, she felt me up again. I told her to stop touching me, but this time she looked at me, winked, and started pretending like she was either dancing or humping something...Now that just freaked me out. I saw that a policewoman was in our buggy but was just looking at the scene and not really do anything. Her inactiveness just made me get up and move away. As I walked over to the other side of the train, a guy who was standing sat next to her. The moment he sat down, she felt him up and started cursing him for sitting down there. The woman almost pushed the guy to the floor and started to shout out that only a lady should be allowed to sit next to her. The same guy who was smirking earlier, was now cracking up in disbelief. How could a guy just watch this. What happened about protecting fellow strangers from crazies. Anyway, she then just got up and started to walk towards me. I panicked but luckily, my stop had just arrived and I ran out like I've never run before! Phew!!!

Comments from Facebook
Junaid (Stanford) wrote
at 3:17am on February 20th, 2007
so um... was she at least hot?

Dazzlingsitar wrote
at 3:18am on February 20th, 2007
Umm if she was hot...i wouldnt have felt violated!

Bushra (Washington, DC) wrote
at 7:59pm on February 23rd, 2007
I had a somewhat similar experience on the bus once but your experience sounds a lot worse. Then I remember this one time when I was on the metro, this guy asked me for help. so i took out my subway map and started giving him the directions. next thing i know, the idiot leans over closer and rested his arm on my knee!! ugh...koshaiye ekta chore dite iccha korsilo betare!!!


Tanam said...

omg! that is soooo freaky, goes to show what kind of crazies are out there! its soooo disappointing that the policewoman didn't do anything, and even worse, the dude sitting across didn't even do anything after witnessing the whole thing, definitely not a gentleman.

Microbiology said...

sounds crazy stuff.

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