Friday, June 27, 2008

The Grass is always greener on the other side..

I was just thinking the other day why this saying is soo true? When you walk around long enough, there are some of the things you usually get to overhear....

"Their lawn is better looking than ours...."

"I wish I was married.." vs. "I wish I was single again.."

"I wish I had bigger boobs.." vs. "I wish I had smaller boobs, I can't wear a lot of the clothes you can!!" (I actually overheard this very conversation when I was on the train going into the city to meet a few friends...but you know...these aren't uncommon wishes)

"Why can't I find someone?" (Again on the train (not the same train ride though), but the interesting part was that a few moments before a not soo cute but decent guy was trying to hit on her and she said NO WAY IN HELL....ok maybe not those exact words but it was the basic gist) I think I may have written a post about this very incident before...seems familiar yet very vague.

But seriously, why is it that we are never happy with what we have....What is it with the constant craving for having what others have. Why is it that we always fall for the societal pressure of looking good, or at least what we think the society accepts?

This may sound slightly far fetched or maybe not, but is it because the whole world suffers from some form of lack of confidence which can be molded into a form of fear of failure? If I don't have the best looking ____(fill in the blanks)_______, then I'm a failure?

In a way, I can see how certain standards can be effective such that it gives you guidance in life but who has the right to set those standards? What's with this "I'm better than you" syndrome? I'm probably rambling and not making in sense, but it's something that's been on my mind for a while and just thought I would just point it out.
You're probably just as confused as to what I'm talking about but deep down I feel that you know what I mean. Dammit!!! Why is the grass greener on the other side!!!?!!?!

any thoughts or ideas?


Tanam said...

This is so true, why is it that we can`t accept and be happy with what we have....

apod said...

I'm happy with what i have and im fully content :) as i told u zee during our latenight adda at poconos..i seriously dont have any regrets in life!

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