Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Carded at 27!

This past weekend, I was attending yet another family trip and this time we went to Atlantic City. Can I just say that AC is one of the ugliest towns in the US. I seriously felt like I was going to be gambling in the projects. Couple of streets down from the casinos were probably the projects....You know, the ones beyond the ultimate gamblers' last resort of "We buy Gold for Cash" Stores....So anyway, we got there drove around, picked Caesar's Palace as our parking lot and set out to walk towards the boardwalk. Came out of the lot and were of course lost and was trying to figure out which way was the ocean. Atlantic Ocean. Of course, the first person we asked turned out to be a Bengali, because we are freakin' EVERYWHERE! And the next person we asked turned out to be an Arab. So pretty much we covered both home countries and managed to finally to see the Atlantic Ocean, walk along the Boardwalk, and come to our final destination for the time being, Trump Palace where we were going to play and lose all our money in the cheap slot machines.

Long story short, after playing an entire hour and a half and asking hotel officials numerous times different questions, right as we were about to leave, I was stopped. Why? Can I see your id? The guy had a walkie-talkie and goes, we have a possible minor on the floor! WHATT??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I could not stop laughing my ass off, and for some reason he didn't think it was funny! Come on! How can you not????

I whipped out my id and said,"I'll gladly give you my id" he looked at me twice..."WHAT?? you're 27? I'm sorry, Miss. We have a strict policy of not allowing anyone under the age of 21." Signalled his walkie-talkie and says,"It's a negative" and appologizes and walks away!

So after losing the 20 dollars i gambled which at one point brought it up to 50 but didn't react to, I was carded!!! Woohoo....I look under 21!

Mr Trump Palace Officer, You made my day and the trip of course!

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