Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hardcore Omnivore Prowls!

So a friend of mine has decided that she is going to be a vegetarian for a month. Just to test it out and understand the concept of being a vegetarian. Not for any political reasons or anything....and all I can say is hats off to her! She is 10 days till the end of the month and have slipped twice! Not bad I say. If I were around her, I'd surely run after her with a steak in a fork. I mean come on! What are friends for?

So as you know Ramadan started about 2 weeks ago and honestly I've always noticed that not only I but everyone gains more weight during Ramadan than other times. I guess its the daytime starvation that leads to sundown gorging! So in my efforts to maintain the level of pounds and more so lose some, I went on the gm diet. A diet that guarantees 10-17 lbs of weight loss in 7 days. Not bad!

So day 1 was all fruits. Woke up for sehri and had a bowl of watermelon. for iftar i had more watermelon and strawberries.

Day 2 was all about vegetables, starting off with a baked potato. fine went quite well.

Day 3 was all about fruits and vegetables but no potato nor any bananas. at this point i had already lost 7 lbs...VERY HAPPY!!!!

Come day 4 it was all about bananas and milk and mind you in addition to this diet i decided that i was strong enough to fast as well...

so during iftar i had my bananas and milk and kept on thinking i cant wait for day 5 and its my EID!!! Day 5 is MEAT DAY and all you can eat MEAT!!!!! was only during sehri while chatting with family that i realized what a meatitarian i was....Not only did i eat the meat i probably devoured an entire farm of cows and chickens....Okay I'm OVER EXAGGERATING. but it sure felt like it....i could not get over the taste of it!!!

so this led me to think, how on earth is my fellow friend (also a meatitarian) is doing this challenge? i can't even last 4 days and she's doing this for a month!?!?! She's Nuts! Correction...All vegetarians are nuts! So the theories of being a vegetarian, apart from the group who are due to religion, you know the ones who don't eat meat because animals have feelings or its inhuman is total bull...

Think about it, when a crocodile, tiger, lion, shark rip you apart for dinner, do you think they stop to think that hmmm eating you is going to hurt your feelings!! It's part of a food chain dammit!!! circle of life. whatever it's called!!!

So to all you vegetarians out there...YOU'RE really missing out!!! Hey i love my veggies... Brussels Sprouts are mmmm good!!! but so are all the other meats.

P.S.- if i ever were to be a vegetarian, I'm sure I'd probably die on day 2 but to think what would be the last meat i would give up then it would surely be Chicken and fish would probably the first to go! I know...some Bengali I am!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha you really crack me up! :) yes it's been a challenge but i'll let you read about it - ! :D

~ Sim

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