Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fall TV Returns!!!!


All this time it was semi-back with all the political stuff going on, but now that we know who our next US PRESIDENT is going to be (WOOHOO PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA), we in which I mean by MY DVR AND I, can resume to watching TV!!!!

The shows I'm hooked on to this fall are:

Dancing with the Stars
Samantha Who?
Two and a Half Men
Eli Stone
Private Practice
Top Chef
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
Random Bravo TV Reality shows (i.e. Flipping Out, Kathy Griffin on the D-List, Millionaire Matchmaker)

sad to say goodbye to the following shows:-

Cashmere Mafia
Big Shots
Notes from the Underbelly

What are you guys on???

I know I never caught on the House, Madmen, Brothers and Sisters, 24, or Lost....i will one day... what can I say I'm an ABC and Bravo TV Junkie...

Though I do like My Boys on TBS...but then again that's Summer TV

Maybe I'll let you convince me but I think I watch enough TV already now...Don't you think?

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