Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I go on vacation and come back to find out that most of the shows I watch are canceled? Like WTF?!?! I was soo looking forward to coming back to Eli Stone!

Over the past year, I got accustomed to a few shows and now they are all gone....TV is dying my friends!!!

Canceled shows:
Eli Stone
Big Shots
Cashmere Mafia
Notes from the Underbelly

There is literally nothing to DVR anymore!!! damn it!

Shouldn't the big wigs send us out an email saying I'm sorry we are not airing this anymore, and giving us a reason while at it, instead of just cutting us dry?

Anyhoo, so I really like My Boys...It airs on USA TV and I totally think they should bring it to the major networks and actually have more than 5 episodes per season. Granted it's on the summer TV schedule...hmmmm....

Anyways, so now I watch: Brothers and Sisters, Gossip Girl, Two and a Half Men, Castle (not bad..the guy is cute), Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice

I think it's time they say good bye to Grey's Anatomy. As much as I love watching the McDreamies and McSteamies the story is just going under...they should retire that show now and bring back the ones I listed above...HELLO ABC...are you hearing me?

ps. the star cast of Dancing with the stars is soo lame...its not worth it anymore.

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