Tuesday, March 17, 2009


During my stay in Dubai this winter, I met a reflexologist who not only made me a believer but also hooked. In the early part of my trip while I was in Dhaka, I was not up to my mark. I was constantly ill and well it was a first for me in this degree. It had almost come to the point that I was going to cancel my Dubai trip and just head back to NY. But of course I didn't. So when I got there, I was just discussing with my friend about how ill I was in Dhaka that she immediately told me to meet her reflexologist. And I did; I figured I didn't have much to lose and that in worse comes to worst case scenario I could just see it as an hour long foot massage...

So her whole deal was that she was going to come in and by massaging the various pressure points in my foot, she will be able to diagnose and cure all the problems I have in my body. The logistics behind reflexology is that all the blockages in your body that create these problems, whether if it is diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or just a mere headache all lead to the feet. So by just massaging, squeezing, or pushing parts of the feet, sometimes hands and ears, it can actually heal your body. Of course it has yet to be scientifically proven hence the reason it's known as alternative medicine.

In the beginning, I will admit that I was slightly nervous. Did I really want to know what I had/have? Yes...was I ready to take care of it? Probably Not...

So after talking to this lady, and getting my foot massaged, I literally felt rejuvenated and within moments after my first treatment, I was feeling much better! Was it a fluke? I think not. I was actually enjoying myself!!! So I found out what I had...travel bug...which was good...I needed a detox....But the scary part was, she was able to detect my family health history and if I follow a certain path, I may also get it and hence she offered remedies that I can use to prevent it from happening...Cool isn't it in a way. That's what got me hooked and especially after seeing how my friends swear by it too...Friends it's definitely worth a try.

So all in all after all that...sorry decided to not share the gory details, I've returned to New York, got myself to my nearest Barnes and Noble and bought my very own first book on Reflexology.

Coming from a person who hates medicines...it's a great relief...anything I can cure naturally, I'm all for it!!!

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