Sunday, November 12, 2006

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Before I go ahead and give a full review of this movie, I have to say to all my readers that this is a movie that one should not miss. It is one of the funniest movies that has hit the silver screen in a very long time and I can't seem to even think of one movie that could come close for comparison.

So what's all this hype about?

A little about the movie....

Borat Sagdiyev is a Kazakhstani TV personality who travels to America to make a documentary record of his exploration of the American culture. He is accompanied by his producer, Azamat. Once in New York City, Borat navigates the hurdles of settling into his hotel room then discovers Baywatch on late-night TV. He is immediately enamored by Pamela Anderson and decides to take a road trip to California to meet her. This journey takes him to various cities and then finally out to Los Angeles. Along the way, he meets characters who are stranger than he is, adopts a pet bear, and gets into a nude wrestling match with his colleague.

What I loved about Borat....

1. Sacha's ability to use a novel way of discussing every hot and taboo topic in America. His use of over the top Sarcastic Humor for political incorrectness was soo shocking that one can't help but laugh.

2. The infamous Fight between him and his colleague, Azamat. This fight alone is worth the 10 bucks in the theater. Not only was the entire theater audience rolling all over the floor laughing, it is a scene beyond belief. You keep on wondering how did these 2 fellows even go through with it in a straight face? (This video is available on if you're curious and haven't seen the movie.)

3. He showed how ignorant majority of the people in America are about everything out there in the world... It shows that most people living in the states like to live in their own bubble and would prefer to not know about anything else beyond their immediate vicinity. I think a movie like this will finally open eyes to most Americans that it is time to stop being so ignorant and actually take charge and stand up for what is right. Instead of being yet another couch potato.

There were definitely unforgettable moments in this movie, and honestly, I would like all of you to watch it first and then possibly discuss it after.

As Roger and Ebert used to say, "IT'S TWO THUMBS UP WAYY UP!!!"

Enjoy the first 4 minutes of the movie....

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