Monday, November 27, 2006

To My Fellow Abu Dhabians

Don't deny it....It's all soo true....Especially the ones I've written in bold.

You know you're from Abu-Dhabi when...

1) You won't accept riding in less than a BMW. MERCEDES OR RANGE ROVER. And when you do ride in a HASHKALL taxi you're wearing your sunglasses and you're going to the beach.

2)Dinner time is at 11pm and lunch is at 5pm

3)When you step foot inside the mall and/or a club and happen to know everyone... and if not then you know someone who knows someone who knows you.

4) Your parents get mad when your friends call the house phone.

5) When you expect good service, living in the lap of luxury and spas to be your daily routine.

6) You refer to your phone as a MOBILE not a CELL and have at least 3 or 4 of the latest ones.

7) You change your mobile every year because it becomes outdated.

8) You walk in the mall (for a woman) and get picked up like this: 55763837

9) You walk into a club and just STARE at everyone STARING at you. It's you looking at them looking at you looking at someone else.

10) Your idea of a night out is going to Dubai, staying at a hotel and eating at Chocho's or Trader Vics.

11) You refer to losers as hashkalls. (And that's not even the real correct term for it loll!!).

12) You expect the confirmation of everything to end with Inshallah.

13) You get hit on at least five times a day. (For women)

14) You NEVER get hit on unless its a Russian prostitute (For men)

15) The mall is considered a hangout. Cafe's are a daily routine.

16) You don't have proper street addresses. You refer to your house as the one near KFC opposite Dana Plaza.

17) You drive at least 100km on the main streets and highways and think its normal.

18) You think everyone's last name begins with Al.

19) Your idea of housework is leaving a list for the houseboy or maid.

20) You think a picnic is pulling over to the side of SPECIAL and having shisha with chai.

21) You think WASTA (connections) outdates any kind of education.

22) You wear a jacket inside and take it off outside.

23) You can judge a perfect 10 by her eyes.

24) You understand that wadi bashing is not a criminal act.

25) It's considered normal that your parents and their friends parents work for oil industries and get a severance package of 100k per year.

26) You think Bebsi is better than Coke

27) Paying 10dhs in a hashkall taxi is BULLSHIT! And you argue until you end up paying 5 only.

28) You U turn when it pleases you.

29) Having a gathering means inviting more than 30 people and then paying for all of them.

30) You think hanging out at Abu Dhabi mall is cooler than hanging out at Hamdan center.

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