Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today, for a brief moment I felt really happy. I was talking to my pasty white friend from one of the boondocks of the Midwest and I was sharing with him how recently I've been listening to a lot romantic music. Romantic Hindi songs to be in particular. As he diligently listened to me yap about how Urdu poetry is above and beyond because honestly speaking, a. I'm probably the only sheer entertainment he gets other than the local bar and b. doesn't have much clue about the rest of the world let alone what happens in New York City. (How did I manage to be his friend? We both wonder from time to time!) So as I was explaining to him, the song Man ki Lagan from the movie Paap came played on my Itunes. My heart and mouth stopped...I know...quite the difficult task.

Instantly, I felt relaxed and he asked if everything was ok...I told him about the song how it calms me and moments later, I shared the song with him. The dimwit of course seconds later after hearing said the song wasn't in English...Quel suprise! As I translated the song to him, he commented on how truly deep this song was and even he started to like it and that probably there aren't that many English songs that share the poetic level. This reaction led me to send a few more tunes that were soon to be appreciated by a non desi. Although this whole incident may seem minuscule or insignificant to many others but right then there I felt a pang of satisfaction where I taught someone something about our regional culture. And of course, I couldn't help but share this moment with you...

Other songs that i shared were

Teri Ore - Singh Is Kinng
O Re Piya - Aaja Nachle
Jiya Dhadak - Kalyug
Aaoge Jab - Jab We Met
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan - Khamoshi
Kate Nahi Raat - 99.9FM
Jaan Meri Jaa Rahi - Lucky

Here is a taste of the song (i did try to find the best recording i could)

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apod said...

and I used to make my indian friends listen to our Bangladeshi awesome songs..they really liked James and mohiner ghora south indian roommate even learnt a bangladeshi song from me..they always used to say our songs sound so sweet and so does our Bangla :)

I know its a wonderful feeling!

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