Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boyz II Men Waltzed Back Into My Life

It almost got to me with the fact that I had almost forgotten about the highly musically talented Boyz II Men. When I saw them on Dancing With The Stars last week, it brought back soo many fond memories. Where were they all this time?? They were...I mean, THEY ARE...so talented, why did they ever disappear?? Though I did notice that Michael wasn't part of the quatro anymore! A little birdie said that he had to quit because of chronic back pain...hmm...couldn't he still have sung? I guess I just miss his deep voice. What can I say, I'm a sucker for deep voices. Anyways, the point of journal was to bring back Boyz II Men back into your lives as it came back to mine. Until the next post, here, listen to some of their tracks I absolutely LOVE.

P.S.- Go buy their album titled "Motown - A Journey Through Hitsville USA"

End of the Road

On Bended Knee

Water Runs Dry

I'll Make Love To You

Song For Mama

4 Seasons of Loneliness

One Sweet Day ft. Mariah Carey

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