Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After finishing her days work,  she quietly sat on the bed all curled up. As she painted her toe nails with a shade of vermilion, merrily, she hummed along with the tune playing in the background. The music, bleeding into her body with every gun shot beat, somehow relaxed her. She always looked forward to this very moment every day, when she would be waiting for his return with a piping hot and delicious meal on the table to celebrate each day of their newest union. The newlywed smoke was seeping into her breathing space, which is when she realized that her dish was probably overdone. Rushing into the kitchen, she was on a mission to save her dinner with her husband, the man she hardly knew and yet loved unconditionally nonetheless.

Caught up with her surroundings, the muted television with an army marching on screen did not connect with her. Bodies were being taken out for identification to the many families crying their wits out. Earlier, she was watching an action movie and assumed it was another war movie that had started. The high-pitched voice in the next song startlingly synchronized with what was showing on TV, she thought. Although this made her slightly feel uneasy, the continuous thought of being in her husband's loving arms in less than two hours relaxed her and continued to delve into her oblivion.

She was a woman in true divine love; the love she craved for since the time she couldn't even remember. Her dream had finally come true. At that very moment, while lost in her own dream, the music stopped and she looked down to see that she had forgotten to finish painting her nails. Love, being the new house guest of her soul, she couldn't stop herself from thinking of him. The sound of the door bell startled her and with utter excitement, she jumped for joy so much that she didn't even realize that she had spilled the nail polish all over her outfit. She hurriedly fixed her hair and makeup while the doorbell continued to buzz profusely. She was soo happy that her husband was finally home, desperately wanting to see her, that his impatience made her skip to the door. Little did she know that after all this anticipation, she was about to open the door of loneliness yet again and that oblivion of the cries from the television screen earlier was at her doorstep to haunt her for the rest of her life...

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