Friday, May 08, 2009

The Man Ring

With so many friends getting married, topic of the ring always seems to come up. How much should one spend on a ring? 2 months salary they say....But that's just for the woman's ring. What about the Man's ring? Now I personally just like the platinum solid band look but nowadays I'm noticing that men are pulling off rocks...not the little diamond dots but the big rocks...Is it just me or is that just too girlie?? The other day, a friend of ours got married and funnily enough instead of looking at the girl's ring, all of us were busy looking at his. The rock was huge! Or maybe it just seemed huge because it was on a guy's finger but even then! So peeps, what do you think is appropriate for a man to carry off?

The college rings seem ok but are you ok with them carrying a 2 carat ring as opposed to u carrying off one? I wonder....I really wonder....

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moondizzy said...

haha. i hear you. I think men with blinging jewellery is not attractive and too vain. double standards you say? YES. women are vain, no need to frag men down with us