Sunday, April 15, 2012

What A Weekend!!

Wet 'N Wild Songkran Party 2012
What A Weekend! Yess, I had to start the entry with that again! It all started with a barrage of emails, discussing what to do for the weekend! Popped up a list of events happening with the two biggest highlights of the weekend being the Wet 'n Wild Songkran Party at The 8 Restaurant and Pohela Boishakh (Translate: Bengali New Year)! Once we etched out the plans, off we were to find our "Weapons of Mass Wetstruction". After much rummaging around Gulshan 1 market during Jummah time when most of the stores are closed, sadly enough, we only found ones that looked like with one squirt. it would break let alone last 6 hours. Damnit!!! Where were the damn NERF guns?

 After much unsuccessful bargaining, we were on our way to the 8. Thanks to the brilliant idea of not filling our stomachs with breakfast, regardless of the fact that some of us actually see the sunrise, we devoured a Thai lunch provided by the restaurant. Game plans were set..aka need to drench the organizers and scope our prime suspects. Victims of our water guns slowly trickled in and filled their stomachs with the same prix fixe lunch and soon enough began all the "innocent shenanigans". My so-called innocent friends called me to fix something and instead drenched me with their guns. Fine. The games began. All of us 30 something year olds were now anywhere between the ages of 7 and 11. Running around with our guns and water balloons was an ultimate high but only moments later, the event was tipped off by me being drenched by EFFING ICE-COLD WATER! It was now just PURE WAR!!! Music was blasting awesome top 40s with everyone going wild on the dance floor. Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! HELL NO MERCY!!! were all being screamed out! This all continued till much later in the evening but I only lasted till 6 in the evening but it surely was a blast! The night finally ended with some really hot Chinese food at the shadiest Chinese Restaurant of Banani where everything was and is still is quite questionable!!

Pohela Boishak 1419 with the family
The following morning, to what seemed like was filled with ungodly hours to wake up in, surely pushed us out of bed to hit all the hot spots and celebrate the Bengali New Year! Having never experienced it in this country, I was amazed to find that this festival is way more festive than let's say Eid or National Day! Tables were overflowing with bhortas, elish maach and various other tasty delights! Everyone was decked out in the brightest colors! People were shopping like crazy at all the stores! And most of all uncontrollable traffic on a holiday! But nonetheless what a day it was! Enjoy the snapshots!!

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