Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Does Not Represent THE COMMON E.R.!

At least, that's what most doctors, residents, interns and nurses say...Yeah well I love the show because I can now refer to a doctor as McDreamy or McSteamy and honestly, I don't even remotely feel mcguilty for it. Those of you who haven't figured out the "Mc" stuff, well it either means that you are a. oblivious to the world or b. McSlow...Mc comes from McDonalds and their advertising campaigns. Ok never mind...Back to the show... Come on...which female in their right mind wouldn't want a guy like Patrick Dempsey or Eric Dane to be their "boss" or doctor! There is more eye candy in that one show than any show on TV, period! Even for guys....Who wouldn't want her as their intern? Ok, I should be less shallow and admit that doctors or medical professionals, if you will, need to be more than just looks. They actually need to know "their shit"... (Couldn't think of a better way to say it.)

So the other day, I had to go to the E.R., yes again...Now I know you're wondering as to why do I end up in the ER so often...Honestly, if only I knew, life would be so much easier... A little background as to why I had to go in this time around... I was just being my clumsy self and managed to sprain my mid-foot area. Well to be exact...In the morning, I was rushing to go to a birthday lunch party for a 1 yr old, and naturally I was running late... I ran to get my hair dryer (of course with wet feet) and slipped on the rug...flat on my behind. Honestly, it didn't hurt then, so I just pretended like nothing happened, got ready, wore my 4 inch heels and was off to celebrate. I come with a slight pinch on my mid foot area but still thought I was WonderWoman and was off to watch Daniel Craig in Casino Royale... I think it was when I saw Daniel's Belly in the nude scene that just triggered the foot. I was in pain but managed to not scream. I came back home (after the movie of course) with a slight swollen foot. 5 mins later I could not move at all and was in excruciating pain. I've now been waiting at the ER for 2 hrs in pain with my cousin and father filling out a ridiculous amount of registration forms and of course the x-ray reports. I finally meet my doctor...HELLO DOCTOR!!!! Yes he was cute and yes he was young.... But as much as I and my cousin would have liked to flirt with him, I was more concerned of getting rid of this pain.... He on the other hand was busy looking down my cleavage than my foot or the x-ray reports. Now what does that say? Granted I probably shouldn't have worn such a low-cut t-shirt but when you're in pain, does all that matter really? So basically what's the point of this thread? Well the point is that regardless if we are medical professionals or not, we are still human and we act upon our human instincts regardless of where we are. I as a patient will still check out my doctors; Doctors are still going to look down cleavages, regardless if they have seen numerous naked bodies; People can still be attracted to their co-workers and make it a point to act on it than just sit and think WHAT IF? It's human nature....So those of you medical professionals who think that Grey's Anatomy is wrong....Look around, I’m pretty sure that if you haven't been dating your colleague, I'm sure you've been thinking someone around you is HOT! This so-called life is Normal...and if you think I'm wrong...then who are you kidding?


NAB said...

grey's anatomy isn't wrong because they think sex more than aortic stenosis (it's true - sex is prevalent in the hospital. one can't help but look down at cleavage when one has no windows to look out from or everything else is covered in blood and boils) but because they have bombs, nec. fascs and crazy siamese twins all in one day.

Dazzlingsitar said...

well think about it...u know how some ppl complain about their jobs and their work hours? now if they showed that do u think grey's would last this long? Logistically speaking...its putting a couple of days possibly weeks into one hour!

Anonymous said...

its true, you make some pretty good points!! Take it from someone who works in the hospital!