Friday, November 10, 2006

Let's Play The Love Game

Many say that love is overrated. A majority of the rest say love is profound and only those who are lucky get to experience it at least once if not only once. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about those who have no clue about love. But the main question remains unanswered, WHAT IS LOVE? Is there a specific definition of this word or is it just as obscure a concept as the moment a person will die? Robert Frost once said, “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” Ever since I heard this quote, which was roughly in freshman year of college, I thought it was possibly the most accurate, but never questioned it... Love is a desire, we all want love, to be in love and when asked a person about love, they don’t know how to describe what love is? So far the only answer I’ve gotten was love is love. BUT WHAT IS LOVE? Should we be desiring something we are unsure of….

Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about it…

Love is a profound feeling of tender affection for or intense attraction to another. People in love are often considered to have "good" interpersonal chemistry. Love is described as a deep, ineffable feeling shared in passionate or intimate interpersonal relationships. In different contexts, however, the word love has a variety of related but distinct meanings: in addition to romantic love, which is characterized by a mix of emotional and sexual desire, other forms include platonic love, religious love, familial love, and the more casual application of the term to anyone or anything that one considers strongly pleasurable, enjoyable, or desirable, including activities and foods. This diverse range of meanings in a single word is commonly contrasted with the plurality of Greek words for Love, reflecting the word's versatility and complexity.

Does this make sense? Ok, so what do we do when “Love” gets complicated? Let’s take the following situation as an example. If we were in these people’s shoes, what would we do? I’ll ask the questions after…

This story involves a girl and 2 boys. Yes, a love triangle if you will. To make it less confusing I’ll give some names. The girl’s name is Mary and the two boys’ names are Adam and Steve.

Mary and Adam meet and instantly become good friends. Slowly Adam becomes attracted to Mary and Mary notices the shift in Adam’s behavior. Mary is not romantically interested in Adam and is dating David. Adam tells Mary that he is interested and wants to date Mary. Mary believes she’s in love with David and therefore breaks friendship with Adam and stops talking to him. A year later, Mary and David mutually breakup and agree that they are in different mindsets. Months after the breakup, Mary and Adam meet again and decide to restart the friendship. Adam introduces Mary to his friends, which includes Steve. Mary is instantly attracted to Steve and it seems that Steve shows equal interest in her but gives mixed signals. This confuses Mary. When Mary was being introduced to Adam’s friend, she sensed that Adam probably still likes her, so she herself decided to be a little reserved towards Steve. So what should happen now?

Current Situation: Adam still likes Mary. Mary Likes Steve. Steve really likes Mary but is the best of friends with Adam and knows how Mary broke Adam’s heart.

Should Steve confront Adam about him liking Mary?

How does Mary approach Adam about Steve?

Should Mary and Steve continue talking and flirting in front of Adam?

What would you if you were in either one of these characters’ shoes?

Just so that people are aware, this story or situation has nothing to do with me. It's just another hindi movie in the making and a past Friends' episode. I just thought it would be a great discussion idea. Nonetheless, I was reading my "Love Horoscope for the day" and it was interesting to me that this is what it said.

Dear Dazzlingsitar,

Here is your single's love horoscope for Tuesday, November 14:

Someone wants to know what they have to do to get with you. The truth is they'd have to be another person entirely -- they're just not the one for you. Be gentle yet firm when you tell them this isn't it.


Omniscient said...

wasted effort on Adams part.. he doest know it yet but i think he is really gay and wont admit it for a few more yrs. does this stuff really happen? ok ok ok ok, on a serious note.. are people really that out of touch with reality and let emotions control thoughts rather than control them? whoa!

-Mini Me

Ehsan said...

Adam is a fool
Mary is an opportunist
Steve is like me, sticking around for fun. lol.

NAB said...

Mary should probably not get into a relationship with either until she has a firmer grip on whether or not she really likes Steve. She owes that to Adam.
However, what she does NOT owe to Adam is to feel guilty about her current feelings and hence make things happen between her and Adam.

Okay, now I am confusing myself. basically, step out of that scenario and let the shifting blocks settle down a bit.

Dazzlingsitar said...

You know its interesting how different the responses are based on gender...the first 2 being from guys and the last one from a girl. Seriously do guys never use their heart?

Omni, when was the last time u used ur heart to decide on something?

Ehsan, are u sure this would not make u think of ur friendship vs ur heart?

Nab, yeah if i were in her shoes, i would probably do something similar...u know stay quiet and let adam and steve battle it out...if they need to...coz lets say if steve and mary did get together with adam's "ok" of course mary could always say "it wasnt her that took it forward"

did that make sense?

apod said...

I would just tell steve i like him and wait to see his response. and about Adam..well he should know better and not my problem, is it? :p

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