Monday, April 20, 2009

The End of An Era - Le Souk CLOSED...or is it?

So this past weekend, I was at a friend's house just talking about the many randoms out there and lo and behold the biggest shocker came up! Le Souk is CLOSED! Not WAS but IS!! Based on reflexes, my initial reaction was, "April Fools was two weeks ago, you're a bit late," but believe it or not, it was. Apparently more than one person heard it from various sources. At that very moment, I felt something truly devastating had just happened to me! How can Le Souk be closed!?!

My friends and I have had the fondest and funnest moments there!! And it's always packed so it clearly can't be the recession. After a weekend of being in complete denial, Sunday night, when I was rooting around due to sheer boredom, I decided to Yelp it. Yelp, Clubplanet, Google all confirmed the news. It was closed!!!

Posts like these were floating all around


"the placed has been shut down by the IRS and ABC for countless violations. the owners marcus and sameh jahcob are also facing criminal charges!"

Something had died in me yet again. Days before, I was looking forward to telling everyone that I was going to celebrate my birthday at Le Souk and today I hear it's gone. Still in disbelief, I still picked up my phone, scrolled down to the letter L and hit call. It was RINGING! and went to voice mail. With my fingers crossed, I left a message.

It was Monday, still dreary from the news, I sat down to check my email and in the corner of my eye I see my phone flashing with a voicemail beep. Who could it be? I dialed in and the sound of her voice made me smile from one end of my cheek to the other!! Le Souk is NOT CLOSED! I mean not closed for business but closed for renovation!!! As I was done checking my message, she called back!! We spoke, it's official...Le Souk is not closed you morons!

I instantly started living again...I was jumping for joy! One of my places are back! Not that it was gone anywhere but its back in to my life! More hope for more fond memories!



Christina said...

Hello, I'm a random person who found your blog when searching for info on Le Souk. I just found this article that may interest you; looks like a full relocation:

Dazzlingsitar said...

thats funny you say that because when i was trying to book my party for the 20th of May they mentioned nothing of it...and went by it the other day and the place was bopping!! But thanks though...should be interesting to see Le Souk 2.0 lol!

Drew said...

LE SOUK IS NOW OPEN. It just reopened a couple of mondays ago and its regaining the name that it had 8 months ago. The hot spot in NYC on Monday nights.

and christina, we still have the location on Ave B and 4th but we just opened another location on 510 Lagurardia St. that location is open friday and saturdays until september 9th. come by and see the Le Souk you have always loved.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one to deliver bad news but they had their liquor license revoked once and for all today. I am very saddened by this news!!!!

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