Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Age of Innocence

Today was one of those days where I just was not in the mood to do much. Although, I had meetings all day and in all over the city, most of my time was spent commuting. My last meeting had finished earlier than I had expected and since I was meeting a friend for a catch-up dinner, I had to find something to do. At first, I thought as any girl would, I could do some shopping. I looked around and found myself in the furniture district. Well, not really--I only called it that because i was surrounded by furniture stores. Since I am not in that stage of my life where i would go to do designer furniture shopping, I had to refrain myself to just window shopping. Well I sort of take that back, even if i was in that stage, why would i get a brand name table for 10+ grand when i can get its replica made in Dhaka for quarter the price? Don't get me wrong here, I'd pay for designer clothes because you do see a difference in quality, but a table at the end of the day is a table. Ok, I'm going off tangent here.

So as i was window shopping, it started to rain so hard that it seemed like it was going to give Manhattan a power wash cleaning. And thank God to my timing, well pace, I found a cute cafe for shelter. I ordered my cappuccino, relaxed on the couch and figured that since i still had 40 mins to kill (Yes i know i got out early!) i should be slightly productive and work on my client proposals. As I "worked on the proposals", the Bangal that I am, I couldn't help but eavesdrop. Actually, it's not just by being a bangal but also my training from New York Life that has made more attentive than I normally seem.

Sitting next to me was a mother and daughter chatting away about their lives. Their conversation really surprised me because here was a mother telling her at most 10 year old daughter about her work issues that related to office politics and office dating. And what shocked me even more what that this 10 year old was actually listening and giving her SOUND advice. Of course at first I was thoroughly impressed but what kinda bothered me was that where is the innocence that a 10 yr old child should have? I remember when i was 10 years old, Rainbow Bright and the Smurfs made my day and the only decision I was making whether I should do my homework now or after dinner. Forget about giving sound advice to my parents.

Look at children today, my cousins who aren't even 7 or 8 already have boyfriends and they know about sex!?! Like what the hell? Why are our children losing their innocence. So when it is time for me to have kids, they would be born with such knowledge? Does that even make sense? CERTAINLY NOT TO ME!!!


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