Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Unwanted Attention

Yet another weekend goes by and yet another night of painting the town red is exercised. Unlimited swigs of BLEEP, crazy dancing on tables, long bathroom lines of partly smashed women, and a heaping number of blackmailing photographs! Did I forget to mention the unprecedented amount of winks, Howdys (ok we're not in Texas), and pick up lines that seriously don't work!?!
Naturally, we all women and men too, love attention from anyone and everyone; It's just human nature to like that stuff. But really, is it appreciated at all times?!!? HELL NO! I swear if i hear one more guy screaming at the top of his lungs while I'm crossing the street, "Hey beautiful, Come to Papi" I'm gonna scream. Don't guys ever figure it out that its not attractive? It's such a major turn off!
What's worse is when the broke both wannabe and real thugs do it. One day i will tell them that dude, you already have a disadvantage, don't ruin it for yourself completely! And if a girl doesn't respond the first time, chances that in some parallel universe things will turn over and make her desire u now is highly unlikely. I know i sound like a snob right now but hey...BITE ME!

So boys, those of you who follow this route, if you honestly wanna score, go home take a shower,brush your teeth, get a haircut, groom yourself completely, get an education that pays u money, read a couple of self help books on how to approach a woman decently and then come back. I can guarantee you 100% success!

i know this last post was a complete ramble but i just had to spit it out now before i forgot.

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