Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Flight To Bangladesh

As the days for my trip to Bangladesh get closer, I can feel myself becoming more anxious, nervous, excited and in denial all at the same time. I don't know what it is that makes me feel all these mixed emotions. I guess my mind is used to this pattern. My urge to go and the fact that I miss the country I was born in, makes me yearn for it but as soon as I land, I'm already ready to come back. It has always been that way; even when I lived in Abu Dhabi for the umpteenth years. Throughout the entire flight, I question myself, "Am I really going? No! Really?" Even while I'm at either Heathrow or Dubai Int'l Airport waiting for my connecting flight, instead of browsing thru Duty-Free feelings of in denial rush through my brain. It's interesting to me as to why I feel that way...and it’s only when I travel to Bangladesh. No other place. Bangladesh is the only one country that make me go through this denial process...

So once I’m on the plane, the only way I know that I’m on my way to the motherland is when I encounter ppl who each are more bizarre than the other. When I tell these stories to my relatives (while I tell them how my flight was), they literally don't believe me and they think I make these things up; and I tell them, even I don’t have that much creativity. Once, this lady sat next to me, I was on the window seat and she on the aisle (in business class mind you), she tells me, "Apa, iktu plane'r bua ta ke bolben jalna ta bondho korey ditey, bairer batashey thanda lagchey!" And at this point I don’t know what to do or say...oh the translation...the translation is...sister, can u tell the plane's servant to shut the windows...the air from outside is making me feel cold! I mean what do you say then. Do you laugh? (In my mind of course I did.) do u oblige quietly and just continue let them be ignorant and possibly look like a fool later. Another incident was this guy was in the bathroom for a long long time and was feeling dirty... (Oh lord was he smelling too) and then after a few mins we see the bathroom was leaking...How is that possible? The dude took a plastic glass and was smart enough to attempt to take a shower inside the bathroom. One glass of water on his head. The worst is when it clearly says it’s a NON-SMOKING flight and there are guys who cover their cigarette and pretend that no one can see them or think that SMOKE TRAVELS!

Honestly, after incidents like these I won’t even talk about Babies crying. As much as the fact that babies are cute and all...but as soon as I hear the tonsils flaring and the whole waterworks, I’m ready to do the following,

(1) punch the crap out of the kids and/or parents
(2) take an injection out to sedate...which I think should be required....ok maybe not even an injection...how about Brufen, Fenargen...Nothing happened to us!
(3) Kill me now?!?!?!?!
(4) Forget sedating the kids, sedate me! When will there ever be any solutions....ok how about a sound proof section in the flight for all children and their parents. Oh and SNORERS too! I think I’m on to something here....What do you guys think!

PS. This blog was written at the Dubai Airport, Marhaba Lounge, AWESOME PLACE!

At July 20, 2006 11:47 AM, Shirin said...

Thats exactly why I do not travel international. I have a hard time traveling domestic with kids who cant stop crying and adults who become big babies. Thank God for my IPOD, or I would have shot myself in the plane. I remember going to Pakistan 6 years back and I had the most miserable time traveling. Kids were annoying, the food sucked, I couldnt sleep and people were just plain morons. It was a bad experience for sure. I went to Paris 3 years back and that wasnt too bad cause I had all 3 seats to myself and was able to sleep through out the flight :) and most of the plane was empty coming back as well.

I had another interesting experience traveling to Paris. I ran into a child hood friend of mine that I knew back in Pakistan. I hadnt seen him for 16 years and I did recognize him :) Isnt that weird? I knew he was living in NYC because his parents are good friends with my folks but we never met until my flight to Paris....

I have had other good experiences as well for example, I was bumped up to first class and was sitting next to a hottie that I still keep in touch with ;)

Have fun in Dhaka! keep us posted..love ya

At July 30, 2006 2:21 AM, Sherihan said...

nice blog..loving the posts! but just so you know, u arent the only one who has wierd experiences while travelling to bangladesh. a woman once bit me on the arm while we were fighting for the suitcase trolley!! thank god i was wearing a jacket or else i would have needed to get sum serious check up on the diseases she might have tranfered! hehe, dont u just luv/hate bangladesh? its so different!

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