Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Day 4 - A Song That Makes Me Sad

Recently, I've been quite the emotional wreck due to so many things on my mind. Not being able to adjust to this new city; Dealing with mood swings by family, Parents falling ill. I thought moving from New York to a different city would change plenty of things of my life for the better. Although all my friends repeatedly told me that the change that I am looking for will not be in the city that I chose, I thought a city is a city. I admit they were/are right. Should I pack my bags and go back? or should I stick it out for a few more months/years? If I decide to leave this country, I can at least say that I at least tried. Granted I wasted a year trying, but its best tried than wondered. Anyways, after coming here, it has helped me decide a. the kind of people I would like to associate myself with, b. The type of countries I want to live in and c. is still work in progress. Once I can pen it down, I will share it with you.

So anyways, as I was saying that I was an emotional wreck, the song that scored my background music was Broken by Lifehouse. Every word in that song represented my state of mind. In fact, whenever I hear this song, whether it be on the radio or randomly on my ipod, it automatically reminds me of all the hard situations that I've had to face.

Nonetheless, it's a great song!

Broken By Lifehouse

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