Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God I Miss NY! lol

Naked man goes berserk inside subway car (video)

Last Updated: 9:51 PM, May 10, 2011

Posted: 2:43 PM, May 10, 2011


It was just another manic Monday for this loon.

In an epic meltdown, a passenger came unglued on a Bronx subway train last week — stripping off his clothes and chasing people naked through a station before finally being subdued.


The rowdy rant, which was caught on video May 2 and today went viral on the Internet, starts with a 41-year-old man on the northbound No. 6 train shouting epithets before stripping down to his boxers.

As he continues to rage against African-American and Jews, a transit cop can be seen in the frame talking into his police radio. After hurling insults in the officer’s direction, the man suddenly doffs his skivvies and runs, butt-naked, from the subway car. Dashing onto the Hunts Point Avenue station, he continues screaming and then attacks a straphanger, ripping a bag off her arm as she walks up some stairs. He smashes the bag to the ground and runs around the staircase, at which point police and other passengers finally take down the wild man.

He was arrested and taken to Lincoln Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. The officer who made the collar was sent to Jacobi Hospital with minor injuries.

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